Saturday, April 23, 2011

special for you...

I Am With You

© Allyce~louise
When you close your eyes I am with you,
When you sleep I shall protect you.
When you are angry I will be there to calm,
When you are ill I am there to care for you.

When your upset I'll be there to comfort you,
When you weep I shall dry your tears.

In the darkest of hours of the night,
when all your fears and doubts consume your mind,
all I ask of you is that your re-read this
as reminder of how I love you
with all my heart, body and soul.

Source: I Am With You, Friends Forever Poems
Family Friend Poems
thanks a lot to all my friends...i appreciate it so much!
nothing can replace this relationship...just die will seperate us....
haha...member saya!
kreatif and luhur!

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