Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Waiting for September!!

Selamat Hari Merdeka semua!!!

I am so excited today. But, memang typical teenagers like me will just stay at home when have a holiday..haha..

No mood for jalan-jalan. Huaaa...last year, 31 Ogos, I was internship with my friends. We celebrate Merdeka at Pasar Pagi Permaisuri. This year, huhu...I am struggling myself to positive my mind that everything will be okay. Keep positive dear syira.

Okay, 4 months to 2017.

What meaning of merdeka to you? Hmm.merdeka is when I freely to do what I want and you want. And of course can smile selebar-lebarnya..(now, senyum macam tersekat di skala 7..hahahaha) Muka macam nak nangis pun ada. Huhu..



September will be a pack month. But August was very pack for me, Huhu..
Memang jadi single ni pack eh hidup..dah kahwin nanti camno pulak ye.,.hahaha

September, please be kind to myself.

Can you see my smile? :)

This photo was taken during my sampling at Setiu, Terengganu. Kercut is the heritage. Like rumput liar, but can be products to local community here such as bakul, alas meja, tikar dan banyak lagi. Conserve the places, conserve the heritage.

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